What is Daycare Surgery?

Daycare Surgery, also known as ambulatory surgery or same-day surgery, refers to those surgeries or procedures that do not require a patient to stay overnight at the hospital or surgical center. Over the last few year’s Daycare Surgeries have grown in popularity due to the rise in the number of medical institutions offering Daycare Surgery as well as the improvement in surgical technologies.

When is Daycare Surgery required?

Daycare surgery is an umbrella term for various surgical procedures that do not need the patient to stay overnight at the hospital. Some examples of Daycare procedures include:

  • – Cataract Surgery
  • – Upper GI endoscopy
  • – Colonoscopy and Biopsy
  • – Diagnostic Colonoscopy
  • – Injection Spine (Lumbar, Sacral)

What are the possible risks of Daycare Surgery?

Some of the risks associated with Daycare Surgery are:

  • – Complications due to ambulatory anesthesia
  • – Pain
  • – Nausea and vomiting

How much time will it take from a complete recovery?

The primary goal of Daycare Surgery is to ensure that a patient recovers from the procedure on the same day itself. Barring rare exceptions, patients are usually discharged from the Hospital on the same day after their surgery. However, your physician might advise you to take extra precautions depending on the type and severity of your ailment.



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