Intensive Care Unit

The fundamental support system in critical care, the Intensive Care Units (ICU) at Aster Sanad Hospital provides efficient, dedicated, high quality evidence-based care to critically ill patients through a collaborative multi-disciplinary approach. The ICUs, are equipped with state-of-the-art clinical support and manned by highly trained doctors, and ancillary staff, that are capable of handling patients with a wide range chronic medical complications. The unit is fully equipped with facilities for bedside and central monitoring of ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and venous pressure etc.

The ICUs themselves are part of the overall critical care unit structure, which comprises of a modern bedded intensive care unit (ICU); a Coronary care unit (CCU), and a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Some of the more complex cases managed by the ICU which includes polytrauma, cardiac disease and multi-organ dysfunction.

The services provided by the ICU include:

  • Critical care services to patients of all age groups ranging from children to the elderly.
  • Full hemodynamic monitoring, mechanical ventilation, and therapy with vasoactive agents, for patients who are hemodynamically unstable. •  Renal support and bedside tracheotomy.
  • Respiratory therapy for both adult and pediatric patients.
  • The Cardiology section provides support to Coronary Care patients.
  • Support the hospital CPR team (Code Blue), Poly Trauma team (Code Yellow) and respond to major disaster calls.
  • Provide immediate medical care for stroke patients.
  • The intensive care units with its different sections are a well staffed by well-trained physicians and nurses to look after acutely ill patients. The unit is located on the first floor of the hospital building.

The Intensive Care Unit is managing cases with polytrauma, cardiac diseases, and patients with multiorgan dysfunction.The unit is covered with well-trained consultants, trained specialists, and well-trained ICU nurses.

The ICU department is prepared to:

  • Provide critical care services to elderly, adult and pediatric age groups.
  • Provide full hemodynamic monitoring, mechanical ventilation, therapy with vasoactive agents for patients who are hemodynamically unstable.
  • Renal support and bedside tracheostomy when indicated.
  • Provide the medical care of coronary care patients with the Cardiology Section, Department of Medicine.
  • Respond to the hospital CPR team (Code Blue), polytrauma team (Code Yellow) and major disaster calls.
  • Provide respiratory therapy for adult/pediatric patients.
  • Participate in the medical care for stroke patients.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Aster Sanad Hospital, Riyadh, is one of the most advanced unit of its kind in Riyadh. The unit contains Intensive Care, Intermediate care, Continuing Care and isolation rooms.

Prematurely born infants are at an increased risk of neurodevelopmental disabilities as well as other disorders. Early recognition of such problems is critical in order to provide timely intervention and improve the quality of life of these high-risk babies. A multidisciplinary approach to care and treatment provided by a team of experts is essential for the best outcomes.

The unit is led by highly trained physicians, specialist doctors and qualified nurses that provide round the clock support to incoming patients. Since its inception, the NICU at Aster Sanad Hospital has treated and diagnosed a host of acute and chronic conditions such as respiratory problems, infections, surgical problems and congentical malformations.

Services Provided:

  • Latest ventilators and monitors to provide comprehensive care for premature and high-risk babies. 
  •  High frequency ventilators and a nitric oxide delivery system which are the most advanced treatment for severe respiratory failure and pulmonary hypertension.
  • Cooling therapy for new born babies that suffer from a decrease in oxygen supply during birth.
  • Complete intravenous nutrition for new born babies.
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